Huh. Here's something you don't see on TV every day- a cow giving birth. CNN reporter Deborah Feyerick was doing a story about the economy and was visiting a daily farm when a cow started going into labor. The calf didn't want to come easily so the farmer grabbed some (birthing?) chains and he and Deborah started pulling.

And pulling.

And pulling.

And pulling.

Until they pulled that baby cow right out of the cow's giant cow vagina.

I've seen two humans born in the flesh (my two kids), and I gotta say, a cows birth wasn't that much different. Some of the noises were similar, it looked just as messy, and like my kids were, the cow was born in the middle of a hay field (kidding, they were born in a barn. I mean, Boulder Hospital).

Check it out:

Why do I have the feeling that Jon Stewart would be all over this if he wasn't just starting a three week vacation?

Hat tip to Media Bistro who gets three gold stars for their title- "Did CNN Just Show a Cow Giving Birth? Yes."

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Cow gives birth on CNN
Reporter Deborah Feyerick's story on the economy got a little strange when she was asked to assist in the field birth of a dairy cow.