Greenpeace has a short but powerful video that you should take a few minutes to watch here. It tells the story of a helicopter pilot who spent time working on industrial purse seine fishing boats and details the shocking practices being carried out on the world's oceans every day. Purse seine boats string deep nets for miles into a large loop and then scoop up anything and everything unfortunate to be caught inside the nets. Commercially valuable species that fit current quotas are kept and stored on ice, everything else is dumped into the sea, dead and dying.


I don't know what's more tragic- the fact that we are killing so many of the oceans creatures or that most of them are wasted, dumped dead overboard because they don't fit the fisherman's quota. We're paving the way towards the catastrophic collapse of every fish and mammal population in the oceans. When that happens, the billions of humans who depend on the sea for the majority of their protein will suffer through a transition to land-based substitutions that will probably see many of them left behind to starve.


Watch this and then click over to Greenpeace to learn more about how you can help.




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