I was in Boulder, Colo., last week and got the chance to meet one of the producers of "Dive! The Film," a documentary by filmmaker Jeremy Seifert about the fine art of Dumpster diving. The 45-minute documentary follows Seifert and his merry band of fellow divers as they explore the alleys and backstreets of America's grocery stores in search of good food tossed away because of overly cautious expiration dates.


Americans throw away 96 billion pounds of food every year, or 27 percent of the total amount of available food. That's 3,000 pounds of food a second.


While individual Americans throw away a large percentage of that after buying the food and bringing it home to their refrigerator, a frightening amount ends up being tossed by grocery stores before it can be purchased.


Here's a trailer for the movie. You can view the film at one of the upcoming screenings or contact the filmmakers about getting a copy to show at your own public viewing.




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Dive! The Movie: Dumpster diving against waste
Americans waste almost 100 million pounds of food every year. Much of that ends up in the dumpsters behind our neighborhood grocery stores.