If you have a strong desire to live in Europe, $490,000 lying around, and you're looking for an earthship home, you might want to talk to Kevan Trott of Normandy, France. He's selling his 1,400 square foot earthship home that was built with three-foot thick walls, an efficient wood stove heating system, a grey water system that recycles most of the home's water, and fully self-sufficient energy, heating and cooling.

Mr. Trott's house is the first earthship to go on the open market in Europe. If the house is sold for his asking price, Mr. Trott will have doubled his investment in 18 months. Not a bad return.

Low Carbon Trust has details about the listing, and Off Grid has more on the home's design and construction.

And visit the Earthship France website for more photos and details on both the project and the people behind it.

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Earthship home first to hit European market
For a little under half a million dollars, you can own a beautifully constructed French earthship with three foot thick walls, solar panels, and a small indoor