It's happened again — my browser has piled up with good links, and I'm having trouble paring them down. Here's some news you should be reading:

Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico 2010: put together a fantastic interactive infographic showing exactly what was going on under the Gulf of Mexico to stop BP's oil leak.

Fossil fuel subsidies are 12 times support for renewable, study shows: Governments around the world gave out $557 billion in fossil fuel subsidies last year but only about $45 billion for renewable energy subsidies. Inverting that proportion would do wonders for our transition to a sustainable future.

What the oil-rig cook saw: Corruption, mostly: Ben Sandmell of Politics Daily has a great piece about BP's oil spill from the point of view of an oil rig cook.

Sharp curve in Maine nets another big fish spill: Poor Esther MacLaughlin. Her yard sits near a particularly sharp bend in the road near the intersection of Route 189 and Route 1 in Maine. Last week, for the third time, a fish truck overturned on the curve and dumped its load — at least 22,00 pounds of herring — in her yard.

Raw-food raid highlights a hunger: I don't agree with the law banning the sale of unprocessed milk and other raw foods, but I understand the need to enforce it. Even still, did the cops really need to go in with guns drawn? Someone should lose his job for this one.

There's more energy in wasted food than there is in the Gulf of Mexico. We waste a lot of food.

Garbage islands threaten Three Gorges Dam In some places, the garbage piled up behind the Three Gorges Dam is thick enough to walk on. Ewww...

Administration overly optimistic about fate of spilled oil: I'd take whatever number BP/the government gives me and at least double it.

Rush Limbaugh: Electric cars are overpriced AIDS ribbons: What does that make Rush's half million dollar Maybach?

One studio apartment, 20 rooms: Hong Kong designer Gary Chang has turned his 350 square-foot apartment into a massive transformer that can morph into one of 20 different configurations.

Enjoy the rest of your surfing.

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