File this one under the useful government information category. (Anyone who has that filing category will continue reading this post, but the rest of you should also bear with me.)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a report detailing all of its actions for the 2010 fiscal year. It includes an interactive map of every situation the agency is dealing with.

The interactive tool has all the Google map essentials: dots, categories, zoomability. When you zoom in on the dot of your choosing — which is color-coded based on water, waste, air, chemical, multi-program, criminal and federal actions — you get a paper view of what the EPA is doing.

There’s a lot to see. Some of the dots reveal lists of violations and non-compliance reports. Other dots look like they represent some mundane issues.

If you see a dot in your area, check it out. That dot may reveal an investigation, violation or EPA operation in your backyard. And if your backyard is anywhere in the sea of blue that spans from Maryland to New Hampshire, you will definitely want to take a look.

Feel free to post anything interesting that you find in the comment section below.

EPA map shows a wealth of activity
See if the environmental agency is taking action in your backyard.