Napster founder and Facebook billionaire Sean Parker recently wed singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas in an elaborate ceremony in California's Big Sur. Parker rented an entire campground at the Ventana Inn & Spa for the months leading up to the event, building movie-set-like features for his rich and famous guests.

Sean Parker

Sean Parker (Photo: nrkbeta/Flickr)

Just one problem: he never got permits for any of the construction.

On Monday, the California Coastal Commission and Parker announced that they had agreed upon a $2.5 million settlement to settle his permitting transgression. The money will go towards conservation efforts in the area. Parker also asked his guests to contribute to local conservation nonprofits instead of giving gifts.

The Coastal Commission was tipped off by neighbors of the Ventana Inn & Spa. When inspectors arrived on-site, they found artificial waterfalls, cottages, sweeping staircases, ponds, and a massive dance floor (said to have cost $350,000) already constructed. They could have shut it all down but chose to work with Parker on reaching a settlement that would allow the wedding to go ahead. They characterized Parker as "extremely cooperative" and actively involved with working out the settlement.

In addition to the fine, Parker offered to help create and distribute a public education video and to create a mobile app with a map of publicly accessible areas on the coast.

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Facebook billionaire Sean Parker hit with $2.5 million fine after Big Sur wedding runs afoul of conservation rules
The Internet mogul's lavish $10 million wedding featured movie-set-like installations and a massive fine for breaking conservation laws.