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"We've gotta get 'em before they get us."

That, more or less, is what fashion icon (and lover of high collared shirts) Karl Lagerfeld said recently when asked about the morality of killing animals for fur. His exact quote:

(Hunters) "make a living having learnt nothing else than hunting, killing those beasts who would kill us if they could."

Mr. Lagerfeld lives in a world most of us can't imagine full of tall svelte models, high fashion exclusive parties, and apparently, killer fur-bearing animals. His is a world full of killer beaver, rabbits, mink, raccoons, and foxes who roam the woods and streets looking for fashionistas to eat. If the fur hunters weren't there to protect us, we'd all be eaten in an orgy of bloody feasting. Have you seen beaver teeth? They're freaking huge!!!

Luckily for fans of high fashion, there are sane alternatives to Mr. Lagerfelds insanity- longtime Project Runway icon Tim Gunn has produced a video with PETA calling out the cruelty of the fur trade, an industry filled with operators with little to no concern for the animals that drive their business. In the haste to "harvest" their product, fur farmers use ineffective killing techniques, often leading to animals being skinned alive. The animals live miserable lives before they are slaughtered, cramped into cages with no room to stand or turn, covered in sores and injuries that will never be treated. Their lives, in short, suck.

Swing over to PETA's Fur is Dead site and check out the video (warning- it's graphic). If you wear fur, leather, or wool you should at least know where it comes from.  It's not pretty.

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Fashion icon defends fur
Fashionista Karl Lagerfeld said that if we don't kill furry animals, they will kill us.