You may not have heard of Rovaniemi, Finland, but you've probably heard of Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland. The area is known as a stunning winter wonderland, especially when the aurora borealis or northern lights are on display.

Photographer Jani Ylinampa has lived in the Lapland capital of Rovaniemi for the last 20 years. Even though the city is big by Finnish standards, "nature is really close, and you can basically drive five to 10 minutes away from the city and you can find yourself in the forest where you can't see anyone if you really don't want to," he says.

In fact, the town is surrounded by forests and small islands, putting nature on full display. Ylinampa has perfectly captured the essence of the place by focusing on the changing seasons. Even though Finland is known for an abundance of snow in winter (and throughout the year), you can see for yourself that the other seasons are just as vibrant.

Finland island aerial photo
The grass slowly comes back to life on Rovaniemi with the return of spring. (Photo: Jani Ylinampa)
Finland island warm months
This island in Rovaniemi is overflowing with greenery during summer. (Photo: Jani Ylinampa)

Ylinampa said he believes the city owns the buildings on this island and that no one lives there.

Rovaniemi Finland fall season
The island changes to reds and oranges with the return of autumn. (Photo: Jani Ylinampa)
Finnish island snow ice
Finland is known for its stunning winter landscape, and Rovaniemi is no exception. (Photo: Jani Ylinampa)

Finns are known for enjoying their solitude and being close to nature. Ylinampa's photographs illustrate vibrant, isolated islands barely big enough for one cabin. The lush forests appear barely touched by man.

cottage Finland Rovaniemi
Look closely and you'll see one cabin on this tiny island. (Photo: Jani Ylinampa)
Finland forests
Lapland is known for its snow its front-row seats for the northern lights, but the landscape is equally stunning in the warmer months. (Photo: Jani Ylinampa)
Finnish scenery
Tiny islands dot the landscape of northern Finland. (Photo: Jani Ylinampa)
Finland village fall foliage
These trees in Apukka prove that autumn colors have a place in the Finnish landscape, too. (Photo: Jani Ylinampa)
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