For the cost of an average Manhattan studio apartment, you can buy an entire town in South Dakota. The little town of Scenic, S.D., 50 miles to the east of Rapid City, is for sale. For $799,000, you'll get 46 acres of land that includes the 12 acres where the actual town sits. The land comes with a U.S. Post Office land lease, a convenience store, a saloon, two houses, a train depot — and not one, but two jails.

The town was founded in 1900 as a stop along a nearby railroad but fell on hard times during the Depression. There are 87 people living in the surrounding area with eight libinh around "downtown" Scenic.

Hundreds of cars pass through the town everyday, so it's not a crazy idea to see this as a viable business investment. Plus, how cool is it to own your own town?

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For sale, cheap: Scenic, South Dakota
For less than the price of a small Manhattan apartment, you can own an entire town in South Dakota.