American Apparel has a few greener things going for it -- it sells really nice, organic cottons shirts in a good range of colors for both men and women and it handles all its production in one city -- Los Angeles, cutting down on the miles their garments travel before hitting the customer's hands.

They are adding one more thing to the greener list -- they're selling their fabric scraps.

The company perhaps best-known for its racy ad campaigns (careful, could be unsafe for some work places) is selling bags of scrap fabric for $8. Here's how they describe it:

We've collected cuttings from some of your favorite fun fabrics from around the American Apparel factory to make one-of-a-kind bags of scrap fabrics. Use them for all sorts of arts and crafts. Make clever jewelry, accessories, a card for your grandma or a colorful hanging sculpture for your apartment. Each bag comes with a zine (printed on scrap paper, of course) with five fun and easy scrap projects, complete with how-to instructions.
I love it. American Apparel will cut down on the amount of waste their factories produce, they'll add a new revenue source to the bottom line, and hipsters everywhere will start turning up in scrap-enhanced outfits.

More of this please.

Buy American Apparel Scrap Bags.

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For sale: Scrap, lots of it
American Apparel is turning waste into revenue by selling bags of fabric scraps from their production line.