So let's just say you are a hungry, bored bear chilling out in your zoo enclosure and waiting to see what the day will bring, when all of a sudden, a crow wanders into your habitat and gets stuck in the water.

That would mean crow for lunch, right?

Well, not for this bear. And not for this very lucky crow. In a video reportedly shot at the Budapest Zoo in June and uploaded by YouTube user Aleksander Medveš, we watch as a bear gently pulls a drowning crow out of the water and then proceeds to go back to its apples and carrots.

Now, I'm not one to anthropomorphize. Who knows what was going through this bear's head? Maybe he wasn't really hungry. Or maybe he decided that this wiggly, flappy thing was too much effort. Or maybe, just maybe, he is the greatest and most compassionate bear on the planet! Even the crow can't believe his good luck.

Either way, it's worth the watch.

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