I'm bummed I wasn't able to get this video published before Christmas, but I think it holds up as worthy of a watch even now after the holiday has passed. Matt Damon shows a really funny and sweet side as a Santa Claus more interested in promoting Water.org than in taking present wish lists. The children he talks to aren't very excited about his offered gift of water bottles, and Damon plays off them wonderfully. Check it out:



Damon puts a lot of work towards promoting Water.org, the nonprofit he started in 2009. He is considered by many people to not only be one of the smartest and most talented actors in Hollywood but also one the most truly green of all the A-listers. It doesn't suck to be Matt Damon.



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Good enough to watch any time of the year: Matt Damon is Santa Claus for clean water
Watch this great video of Matt Damon trying to convince children of the importance of water when all they want to talk about is their Christmas lists.