The Good Guide ranks products based on a set of health, environmental, and social criteria and has been a reliable source of scientifically-sound information on thousands of the products we all use in our everyday lives. They're kind of like Climate Counts, but instead of ranking corporations on how friendly they are the environment, they rank the products made by the corporations. Their Personal Care and Household Chemicals section is particularly valuable for anyone with children in the house- smaller bodies are more susceptible to toxic chemicals so its important to keep homes and the products used within them as chemically benign as possible.

There are tens of thousands of ratings in the Good Guide; dog lovers and caffeine junkies will be happy to browse their new Pet Food (1,524 ratings), Candy (1.696 ratings), Coffee (1,162 ratings), and Teas (1,998 ratings) sections. While I don't drink much java myself, it's a different story all together for my girlfriend Lindsay, a graduate student in New York City who needs it to get through her daily mountain of required reading. She's going to benefit from a newly-empowered coffee-buying boyfriend thanks to the Good Guide.

Sheila Viswanathan over at the Good Guide blog designed a cool flowchart titled "Is it Pet Food", inspired by a human-food version first published earlier this month on the Huffington Post.

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Good Guide rolls out new reviews of coffee, tea, candy, and pet food
The Good Guide has released thousands of new ratings for coffees, teas, candies, and for the first time ever, pet food. If you'd like to know how good/bad the t