My my, how time does fly (though not penguins).

A year ago today I published "The great green Twitter follow parade" here on MNN. The post took off on Twitter (it even helped start #EcoMonday) and it quickly became the most commented post on the site with hundreds of green Twitterers connecting with each other and building their following. We all became that much more connected and effective at blasting out the good greener word.

I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to treat the anniversary of the great green Twitter follow parade and decided to keep it simple.

Last year I asked everyone to leave their Twitter handle as a comment here and then to follow everyone else doing the same. The idea is that all of us green Twitterers can firm up our connections to one another. The more connected we are, the better we can share, teach and learn from one another.

This year I'm asking the same thing, with a twist.

In addition to leaving your own Twitter handle, please take the time to recommend one good green Twitter for everyone else to follow. Write one sentence in your comment here about why they're great and green. Keep it short and simple.

Here's an example of what kind of comment to leave here on this post:

I'm and I recommend because she's a super-connected, smart, and savvy green media rock star with her own show on
Please try to keep your recommendations short — think of it as a Tweet. It's really important that you paste in your entire URL so people can easily click through.

When you leave your comment, click through to everyone else who has left a comment and follow them. At the end of the day (or week) the green Twitter community will be that much more connected.

Since I'm writing the post I'm going to take the liberty of sharing a few extra recommendations.

I'm a good person to start with, you can follow me at @SheaGunther.

Then click over and follow the MNN crew:

@mothernaturenet (MNN's main Twitter feed)

@MNNDaily (MNN's blog feed, all the posts as they're published)

@mommymellie (Business blogger Melissa Hincha-Ownby)

@thegreenparent (Family blogger Jenn Savedge)

@greenlagirl (Lifestyle blogger Siel Ju)

@jmotavalli (Transportation blogger Jim Motavalli)

@rshreeves (Food blogger Robin Shreeves)

@greendig (Technology blogger Karl Burkart)

@mattyhick (Home blogger Matt Hickman)

@farmer_d (Organic farmer extraordinaire Daron Joffe

Here's a heap of my green pals who are all great people to follow.






















So who else should we be following? Now it's your turn to share.

If you're a green-minded Twitter, leave a one-sentence recommendation of a great green Twitter we should all follow as well as your own Twitter URL. Follow everyone else who is doing the same. Check back a few times this week and pick up the latecomers.

Please retweet this article, share it on Facebook, Digg it, Stumble it, Reddit, it, send it via carrier pigeon to your weird cousin in Ohio, and write it down on on the little slips of paper while working your shift in the fortune cookie factory. Let's get connected (again)!

I've created a special Twitter account @GreenFollowers that will follow everyone listed in comments, both the people recommended and the ones leaving the comment and recommendation. Swing over and follow.

Again, big props to Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang), all around social media analyst badass for the original inspiration for the great green Twitter follow parade.

Are you on TwitterFollow me (@sheagunther) there, I give good tweets.

And if you really like my writing, you can join my Facebook page.

Shea Gunther is a podcaster, writer, and entrepreneur living in Portland, Maine. He hosts the popular podcast "Marijuana Today Daily" and was a founder of Renewable Choice Energy, the country's leading provider of wind credits and Green Options. He plays a lot of ultimate frisbee and loves bad jokes.

Great green Twitter follow parade 2010
Are you a greenie? Do you use Twitter? Leave your Twitter handle here in comments, recommend one other great green Twitterer, and follow everyone else doing the