Scott Landry is totally awesome.

Mr. Landry, the director of the Marine Animal Entanglement Response Team based in Provincetown, R.I., cut a rope that was wrapped around an endangered right whale with a freaking crossbow.

Imagine the scene: Landry standing on a moving, pitching boat, tensed, waiting for the just-right moment. When it came, when the whale surfaced to breathe, Landry zeroed in his aim and fired. The arrow sliced through both the air and the rope entangling the whale but doesn't touch the large animal itself.

What I want to know is if crossbow training is a normal part of the Marine Animal Entanglement Team or if Mr. Landry is just cool enough to have that as a skill set. I can see the recruiting posters now — "Join the Marine Animal Entanglement Team!" over a photo of someone looking cooly reserved and holding a crossbow. reported that a subsequent aerial surveillance plane spotted what they believed to be the whale freed by Landry's shot, free of any noticeable ropes.

Via my buddy Michael over at Treehugger, whose call for a medal for Mr. Landry I heartily second.

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Green action hero frees trapped whale with crossbow shot
Scott Landry is modern day William Tell, having pulled off the shot of a lifetime when, with a single crossbow shot, he freed an endangered right whale who had