I'm spending some time over the next week sharing some of the greener products I use in my everyday life as suggestions for your holiday gift giving. So far I've shared my love for the New Balance 070s, a nifty little solar radio from Kikkerland, the world's best toothbrush, and some CFL bulbs that won't coat you with mercury dust if they break.

Today I'd like to introduce you to the best laptop bag I've ever had the pleasure of using- the Mountain Hardwear Natural 22.

The Mountain Hardwear Natural 22 is made with Mountain Hardwear's Ecocircle® heavy duty recycled polyester which uses post-consumer yarn waste and is coated with a water-based urethane that's friendlier to the environment. The front panel is also PVC free.

Of course, the greenest purchase is the one that you don't make, which is why I'm so excited about the Natural 22- I'm never going to need to buy another laptop bag again. The Natural 22 is robust and it's not hard to imagine it being in service for a solid couple of decades. When you buy for quality, you're ensuring that you don't have to make another trip to the store again in a few years to replace your purchase.

Besides a cool looking form, the Natural 22 also functions like a champ. The pack easily holds laptops up to 17" and has a clever design for protecting your computer in the case of a fall- the pack has a built in cushioning zone between the bottom of the pack and the bottom of the laptop compartment that swallows up any impact from an accidental drop. Believe me- it works (or better yet, believe my computer which is still working after taking at least one good fall in the pack).

Besides the laptop compartment, the Natural 22 has all sorts of handy pockets and zips for you to keep you pens, keys, wallet, or whatever. It's extremely comfortable thanks to the well designed and padded shoulder straps which even have a pocket for you to slide a cell phone in.

It's also a champ in the rain, I've had more than a handful of bike rides in the downpour and came home with nary a drop of moisture inside the bag.

In short, the Natural 22 is a fantastic piece of greener gear and would make for a great present under the Christmas tree, Festivus pole, or whatever piece of celebration paraphernalia you prefer this holiday season.

You can buy the Mountain Hardwear Natural 22 at Summit Hut for $120.

Full Disclosure: I got my Natural 22 pack for free from Mountain Hardwear. 

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Greener Gift: Mountain Hardwear laptop bag
The Natural 22 laptop backpack by Mountain Hardwear would make a great gift for the computer toting greenie in your life.