I admit it ... I like a good Big Mac every now and then. I've seen Super Size Me and know that McDonald's, as tasty as it is, isn't really "food", at least as Michael Pollan defines it. Even so, I'll still swing under the golden arches once in a blue moon for a bite.

I might make it every two blue moons after reading a story I found over at Boing Boing about a Happy Meal that's been left out for over a year with nary a drop of decay or mold.

Noona Joann, a blogger and author of Baby Bites - Transforming a Picky Eater Into A Healthy Eater, bought a Happy Meal last March with the intention of keeping it around to observe. A swing around the sun later, the Happy Meal is still sitting on her shelf and doesn't look all that different from the day it was purchased.

Pollan's rule #13 is "Eat only foods that will eventually rot." Happy Meals (and probably most items from McDonalds) don't rot or decay, they just get a little more wrinkled with time. Sure, rule #64, "Break the rules once in a while" gives you a little bit of leeway to partake, but seeing this should be good incentive to really keep it to once in a while.

Baby Bites via Boing Boing via Consumerist

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Happy Meals: The forever food
A blogger bought a Happy Meal last year and has kept it out to see how it stands the passage of time. Joan Rivers would be envious to learn that it's hardly age