Please take a moment to click over and sign a petition on asking that a portion of the Antarctic Ocean be turned into what would be the world's largest marine sanctuary. Antarctica is governed by the Convention for Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (also known as CCAMLR), a unique organization made up of 50 nations that have agreed on a 14-article treaty laying out how things are run on the world's only continent without a permanent human population.


The petition on asks that CCAMLR designate a large swath of the Antarctic Ocean as a protected marine sanctuary. These waters are the feeding, breeding and living grounds of innumerable species of fish, whales, penguins and other marine animals, and they need to be protected.


There are more than a million signatures right now with a goal of 1,250,000. Please take the time and help get one signature closer.




And thanks to MNN editor-at-large Karl Burkart for tipping me off on this one.


You can find Leonardo DiCaprio on Twitter and read more about the battle for the world's oceans here on MNN.


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Help Leonardo DiCaprio and protect Antarctic marine habitat
Actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio is pushing for the creation of a marine sanctuary in the Antarctic Ocean, and he needs your signature. Take a minute and he