I've been invited to visit the Burlington, Vermont headquarters of Ben & Jerry's next month to attend their Fair Trade Blogger Fest where the company will tell us about their plan to transition all of their ingredients to being fair trade certified. We'll get to see how they make their ice cream and will spend some time in their R&D kitchen making up our own custom flavors.

This is where you come it- help me come up with some good ideas for flavors. I'd like to go out to Burlington with a few good options in mind so that I can make efficient use of my time in the kitchen. If you found yourself in Ben & Jerry's kitchen, what flavor ice cream would you make?

Leave your ideas in comments on this post. I'll pick out some of my favorites to write up in a post and to take with me to Ben & Jerry's HQ next month.

So let's hear it internet. What's the next great Ben & Jerry's flavor?

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Help me design a custom fair trade Ben & Jerry's flavor
Ben & Jerry's has invited me to create my own custom flavor using fair trade ingredients next month- help me out with some tasty ideas.