Derek Markham is a friend and well-known green blogger and Twitter star who writes the great green parenting blog Natural Papa as well as contributing to sites like Twilight Earth (which he started with my friend Adam Shake).

 pixel A Green Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed.

A few weeks ago Derek had an accident that left him with a badly busted-up ankle, which sucks in any situation but more so in this case because Derek doesn't have health insurance.

Derek, who is the sole breadwinner for his family, has been left with thousands of dollars in medical bills and needs our help. David Quilty from The Good Human, Jerry James Stone from just about every green blog on the web, and Adam Shake of Twilight Earth are rallying the green hoard to help raise money to offset Derek's out of pocket costs. You can read David's original post laying out the whole situation here. Derek also wrote about his accident on Natural Papa.

Can you help? Even smaller amounts like $5 start to add up when it's joined by scores of others. I just sent over $50, I'd love to help add to that total with some contributions from my readers.

Click this donate button to send your contribution through PayPal (the collection address is Every dollar helps so please be as generous as you can. And thank you.

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Help out a green blogger in need
The green blogosphere is rallying around to help out our friend Derek Markham, a green blogger with a broken ankle and no health insurance. Can you help?