Thirteen-year-old Colin Carlson is smarter than you. He started reading when he was 2, was blazing through Harry Potter by age 4, and graduated high school at 11. He's planning on getting a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology and a degree in environmental law by the time he's 22, so he can start working in conservation science.

The world needs Colin Carlson. This kid is smart, driven, and green and will do a lot of good things for the world.

But first he has to get around the University of Connecticut, which is blocking him from studying abroad in South Africa because of his age, despite the fact that his mother has offered to waive the university of all legal liability and to accompany him at her own expense.

Colin and his mother have filed an age discrimination claim with the school and the U.S. Department of Education. They hired a lawyer who has contacted the state to work out a settlement and will be having their first meeting today.

I hope for the world's sake that the state is reasonable about this and lets Colin study overseas. I mean, his mom will be with him. How much trouble can the kid get into?

Let Colin study!

Via The Huffington Post

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Hey UConn: Let Colin Carlson study overseas!
The University of Connecticut is barring Colin Carlson, a 13 year old genius biology student, from studying overseas because of his age. Colin's not backing dow