Last year I wrote a 906-word screed about not throwing away your gadgets every six months after my laptop broke. I found myself writing on a decade-old desktop computer and used the post to generally grump about people who update their gadgets to the latest version just because they can, not because they need to.

Last Year's Model is a great website with an even better tagline: "Saving the planet through sheer laziness" that I just came across that encourages people to share their stories of their long-lived gadgets and to pledge to hang on to their older models while they still work. The site has a great collection of comments from tons of people who have held on to their old phones, computers, mp3 players, and other gadgets and has a fairly well-populated Facebook cause page.

Up until a month or so ago I was still using a nearly 3-year-old Blackberry phone and in general use things until they break or fall apart (I've actually had this happen to clothes while I'm wearing them). My digital camera is coming up on being 9 years old. It was fairly expensive back in the day and still takes nice pictures ... why would I buy something new?

How about you? What old gadget are you currently rocking?

Swing over to Last Year's Model.

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Holding on to Last Year's Model
How often do you replace your gadgets? Last Year's Models encourages us all to hold off on upgrading our computers, cell phones, and other gadgetry for a cycle