Bikes for everyone!

Well, everyone who works at Ikea.

The Swedish furniture maker surprised its U.S. employees this week when it gave free bicycles to all 12,400 of them. The privately owned company has had a good year,  and spokesperson Mona Liss (what a name!) said that the company wanted to give back in a way that supports healthy living and greener transportation.

The bikes are silver with a yellow, white, and blue stripe and come, of course, flat-packed requiring assembly.

The last time I wrote about Ikea was when they decided to release a hundred cats into a store after hours just to see what would happen. What a cool company.

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Ikea gives free bikes to 12,400 employees
Ikea is making the holidays a little more jolly with the gift of a new mountain bike to thousands of it's U.S.-based employees.