I LOVE this infographic designed by freelancer Justin Perricone showing the ingredients found in a Hot Pocket.

I recently got a copy of Michael Pollan's new book Food Rules and have had food on my mind lately as I'm trying to instill good eating habits in my two young children. My oldest daughter actually asked me to read through Pollan's rules with her the day I got the book.

Thanks to fellow MNN blogger Siel for this one, I picked this up on her (excellent) blog green LA girl, she got it via Boing Boing.

Mmmm… L-Cysteine hydrochloride.

It looks like Perricone will be offering a limited editing screen print run of the post, visit his website for more info.

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Illustrated "food": What's in a Hot Pocket?
Designer Justin Perricone aptly illustrates the insanity behind the ingredient lists of some modern processed "foods".