Incredible colors glow at sunset on the Grand Canyon's North Rim

June 24, 2014, 1 p.m.
grand canyon north rim

Wotan's Throne viewed from Cape Royal, North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

Wotan's Throne is an isolated wooded mesa, with "isolated" being the key word. The mesa is surrounded by vertical cliffs that make it completely inaccessible. But thankfully we can still enjoy views of it from Cape Royal, the southernmost viewpoint on North Rim. Cape Royal allows visitors a view of the canyon that takes up an amazing 270-degrees of the horizon, which means spectacular panoramic photo opportunities. Photographers such as the one captured in this shot take advantage of the most colorful hours of the day. Photographer Steve Dunleavy writes, "Lots of photographers out there working their magic, like this guy, at the end of the road at Cape Royal. We got there a little late, and I barely had time to get out on a point with the tripod to shoot a few bracketed sets before the light disappeared."

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