Score one for the good guys.

Say what you will about the tactics of the whaler fighters at the Sea Shepherd, they produce results.

In this case, the results are a whole lot fewer dead whales. Japan's Fisheries Agency announced that this year's whale catch was 507, well short of the target of 850 and down from last year's count of 680. The Japanese place the blame on Sea Shepherd and their rakish leader Capt. Paul Watson, who harassed the Japanese whaling fleet for more than 30 days over the season.

Earlier this year you might have caught news of a big collision between a Japanese whaling boat and the Sea Shepherd's high-tech speedboat the Ady Gil, a collision that ultimately sent the speedboat to the ocean bottom. To say that there is no love lost between these two adversaries would be a gross understatement.

If the Sea Shepherd is able to continually whittle down the harvest numbers of the Japanese fleet, eventually economics will kick in and the Japanese whalers will have to abandon their trade. There has never been more attention on the plight of the whales and dolphins so cruelly hunted by the Japanese (have you seen The Cove yet?) and the chances of finally killing off this insidious industry have never been better. Let's keep the spotlight bright and harsh on the whalers.

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Japanese blame Sea Shepherd for declining whale harvest
The Japanese Fisheries Agency is putting the blame for a record low whale harvest on the shoulders of the anti-whaling activists Sea Shepherd, who clocked in ov