Leave it to Greenpeace to come up with a campaign that features a public feud between Mattel's iconic Barbie doll toy and her long-standing beau, Ken. The campaign centered around Mattel's use of virgin paper derived from Indonesian rain forests in its packaging, particularly in its packaging for Barbie dolls.  


As part of the Greenpeace campaign to encourage Mattel to stop such a destructive practice, the organization staged a public break-up between the celebrity toy couple where Ken learns about his partner's penchant for rain forest destruction.  Using twitter accounts for @ken_talks and @barbie (why wasn't Mattel already using that feed name??) Greenpeace attracted thousands of followers and drew attention to the cause as readers followed the feud and learned more about Mattel's role in the destruction of rain forests.  


In response, tweeters and Facebookers flooded Mattel's social media accounts with calls to stop their use of paper derived from rain forests. According to Greenpeace, Barbie's facebook page was temporarily closed from all of the ruckus. Yesterday, the campaign was stamped successful as Mattel released a global policy that official removed virgin rain forest paper from its supply chain.


Well done Barbie. And well-played Greenpeace.


Here's a look at how the whole campaign went down:



Ken and Barbie's public feud over rain forest destruction
Greenpeace launches successful campaign to stop Barbie, and her parent company Mattel, from destroying rain forests for packaging.