I wrote up a profile of my filmmaker/entrepreneur friend Nick Callanan a couple of months ago and mentioned one of his latest projects- the Sap Pail video series highlighting the best of sustainable Maine rural living.

Nick describes his project:

The Sap Pail Pipeline Series is based in Waldo County, Maine; but people from all over the world are suddenly awakening to the fact that it is important to practice real skills, to depend on and be depended upon by your neighbors, to know where your food comes from, to interact with plants and animals, to play music, to be engaged in the health of your local economy. It is because of this global buzz of a new self-awareness that we think people from anywhere can enjoy and utilize the messages in our film series. 
Nick and his crew at No Umbrella Media have already produced Volume 1 in the series and are raising $3,950 on Kickstarter to begin production of Volume 2. If you're the kind of person that likes to support good art & media, click over to Kickstarter and kick in some cash. If you pledge $15 or more you get DVD copy of Sap Pail Pipeline Series Volume 1 and a No Umbrella Sticker. $25 gets you a DVD of Volume 2, $50 gets you copies of both volumes, $100 gets you both DVDs and a Tshirt, and pledges of $500 and $1,000 land you all that as well as producing credits.

Good luck Nick!

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Kick in and help fund the Sap Pail documentary series
The Sap Pail series from No Umbrella Media highlights the best of Maine rural living and needs your help to fund the next volume.