Last month a wonderful Kickstarter project successfully closed on a $30,000 goal to build an app that maps and outlines all of Malibu's public rights of way to public beaches.

Malibu is just packed with rich people living in uber-expensive houses perches overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Anyone who has watched a season or two of "Entourage" knows what I'm talking about — multi-million dollar manses cantilevered over seaside cliffs filled with beautiful people and movie producers. When you spend that kind of money on a house, I guess it's natural that your feelings of ownership might creep out to include the Malibu beaches your $27-million home looks out on.

The only problem is that by law, there are no all-private beaches in the state of California. Anyone can walk on any beach, which is defined as at least the area encompassed by the mean high tide line. Even in tony Malibu, there are public parking spots and beach access trails that you can use to spend a nice day enjoying some sand and surf.

So some rich Malibuians have taken to hiding these public spots and access trails with hedges, fake signs, or even just by locking up gates, as seen here.

Hidden public access to beaches in Malibu.

Photo: Escape Apps/Kickstarter

Jenny Price, the brains behind the Kickstarter project, has set out to free the beaches from the monied machinations of Malibu's entitled moguls with an app that maps and details every public parking spot and access trail in the town. She reached her $30,000 goal with $32,160 raised on May 30, 2013, and a team is currently at work on the first version for the Android platform. She is trying to get the first version up and out to the market for free this summer.

Our Malibu Beaches app

Although I do admit to feeling a thrill of elitism whenever I score an upgrade to first-class while flying, the kind of elitism found in the cloaking of Malibu's public beaches by rich people has no place in polite society. I am thrilled to see this project in the works. With the ubiquitous nature of smartphones, something like this could really blow the doors right off Malibu's hidden coastline.

Free the beaches!

Via Reddit

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Kickstarter project aims to reveal public beaches hidden by elite Malibu homeowners
New crowdfunding effort aims to create a map app showing public access to Malibu beaches. (Brace yourself David Geffen.)