Ready for some startling statistics?

Kids who live near a mountaintop removal coal mine are 42 percent more likely to have birth defects. Residents in these areas are 50 percent more likely to suffer from cancer.

In this new video from Appalachian Voices, kids explain the basics of what mountaintop removal is and how it is affecting their environment and their lives. As they say in the video, "We're children. We're not scientists. But we understand what's happening. And so should you."

The video, entitled, "No more excuses. End Mountaintop Removal," ends with a plea to President Barack Obama to intervene and stop the practice of mountaintop removal now. Check out the video below and head over to I Love Mountains for more info on the campaign.

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Kids speak out against mountaintop removal
In new video, kids ask President Obama to end mountaintop removal mining.