With a string of mass animal deaths occurring around the world, many people have chalked up the events as a sign that we're entering the "end of days."

Kirk Cameron isn't one of them.

The former "Growing Pains" star, who became an evangelical Christian later in life, has starred in a number of faith-based movies and programs, including the apocalyptic "Left Behind" films. When people started talking about the end of the world, Anderson Cooper invited the 40-year-old onto his program to ask if there was anything to the mass killings.

"Well, I first think that they ought to call a veterinarian, not me," Cameron quipped. "You know, I'm not the religious-conspiracy-theorist go-to guy particularly, but I think it's really kind of silly to try to equate birds falling out of the sky with some kind of an end-times theory."

Cameron then went on to say that if anyone should be concerned about what's happening with birds, it's pagans.

"People love to find codes and signs of future events and see if they can decipher them before anybody else," he told Cooper. "But birds falling from the sky? That has to do more with pagan mythology — the direction that the birds flew told some of the followers of some of those legends that the gods were either pleased or displeased with them."

Cameron then went on to say that people should be less concerned with birds falling from the sky and more worried about the direction of the country. "If America is a ship, it looks a lot like it's sinking — financially, morally, spiritually. It's frightening," he says.

Take that last bit as you will and check out the full video below of Cameron's interview with Cooper.

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