A clean, fresh towel every time.

It sounds nice but it a bit of a nightmare in reality.

Kleenex is trying to market the idea that we should now be using one-use disposable (Kleenex brand) hand towels instead of the cotton reusable hand towels found in most homes.

I'm a pragmatic greenie, I've been known to use a paper towel every now and then, but this is just too much. Does everything in our lives need to be disposable?

If you're in the marketing department of companies like Kleenex the answer is very much "yes".

Here's one of the video Kleenex produced to market their disposable hand towels.


I agree with my buddy David over at Green for Good who called this one out for the eco-dud that it is. He wrote:

In the hand drying facts on their Web site, Kleenex tries to scare us into believing that “regular washing of cloth hand towels does not ensure cleanliness.” Wow, we should really start wearing disposable clothes if that's true.
To make matters worse, the geniuses at Kimberly-Clark have chosen Earth Month to launch a major television ad push for Kleenex hand towels. Of course, they depict normal hand towels as disgustingly as possible by showing everyone, even the family dog, getting their dirty mitts all over them.
And how cute is this? Kleenex has penned an educational Drying Song to teach your kids how to be wasteful too. Because “no yucky old towel’s gonna ruin my day.”
Sorry Kleenex, but it’s our Earth Day that you’re ruining. Sigh.
Here's the lyrics for their Hand Washing Song.
My hands are gonna be clean When I wash and I dry with mommy and sing
This song that's exactly two clean hands long
Warm water and soap and bubbles that shine
A Kleenex® Hand Towel that's mine all mine
And a song that's exactly two clean hands long
No yucky old towel's gonna ruin my day
I dry my hands the Kleenex® towel way
So if you're a fan of clean hands too
Roll up your sleeves and I'll sing with you.
I'm going to point this to my two young daughters for the shady marketing-to-kids that it is. I mean, come on- do we really want to train our children to desire a one-use throw-away hand towel?

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Kleenex marketing the disposable hand towel
Does everything in our lives need to be disposable for the sake of a corporation's bottom line? Kleenex thinks you should be buying their one-use throw-away han