Happy almost-weekend!

Here are some good links you should be reading.

• Don't be fooled by BP's PR department (aka the U.S. government), there's still a lot of oil left in the gulf. One plume has been found that's over 20 miles long

• Not wanting to feel left out, the Atlantic ocean went and got itself its own garbage patch.

• The New York Times recently spent 36 hours here in Portland, Maine.

• Meet the two billionaire brotherswaging a secret war against Obama, liberals, and the environment.

• People are not happy about a UN report letting Shell of the hook for decades of oil spills in the Niger delta.

• Fiat is offering electric bikes as loaner vehicles when people bring in their cars for repair.

A dumpster diving bear interrupted a man taking out the trash in my hometown of North Conway, NH.

• Someone in Portland, Oregon is painting Mario Kart icons all over local bike lanes.

• How do you take a country as large as Australia to 100% renewable energy in a decade? One plan lays it all out.

• If only...

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Link drop: Bears, billionaires, and British Petroleum
Fiat offers loaner bikes to drivers in need, the Atlantic ocean gets its own garbage patch, and researchers find a massive oil plume lurking beneath the Gulf of