Happy almost-Friday!

I'm in Helsinki through the weekend for a Finnair press briefing (more to come on that in the days ahead) and have a browser bursting with great green stories.

DIY canning fresh foods for winter: Yes we can!

A lot of people are harvesting their summer gardens ahead of the coming autumn, and here's a great resource for learning how to preserve and can your extra fruits and veggies.

Extinction countdown: Toxic avenger: One man's desperate idea to save the rhinos — poison their horns

Ed Hern, the owner of a wildlife preserve in South Africa, thinks he has found a solution to the problem of rhino poaching — he wants to inject cyanide into their horns. While this won't harm the rhino, it would seriously hurt or kill anyone ingesting the horn in the form of traditional Asian medicines. Too far or just far enough?

Chiquita launches bioenergy enitiative in Costa Rica

Fruit giant Chiquita is investing in biodigesters in one of their Costa Rica subsidiaries that will turn the peels and rinds of 320 million pounds of fruit into methane that will be used to create electricity to power their operations.

New study weighs in on organic vs. conventional debate

A recent study shows that organic farming is better for the soil, for farmers and field hands, and for the nutritional value of the food.

Feds warn residents near Wyoming gas drilling sites not to drink their water

Wyoming residents are being warned by the federal government not to drink the water coming out of their taps because of contamination from natural gas drilling.

Scientists find evidence discrediting theory that Amazon was virtually unlivable

Conventional thought held that the Amazon rain forest was an uninhabitable jungle incapable of supporting anything more than small bands of people. Now scientists from the University of Florida think that the Amazon held massive settlements made up of hundreds of thousands of people.

China blacks out towns to meet energy goals

Only in China. Entire towns are being cut off from electricity so that officials can meet their energy savings goals.

What happens when you hang 100 $1 bills in a tree?

In this case, money really does grow on trees.

Picture of the day: I think you're going to need a bigger bowl

Biggest. Goldfish. Ever.

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