The worlds largest wetland is in danger of being drained for farming and industry in Brazil.

Cats are being tagged with electronic trackers in a study in England to track their movement, find their range, and quantify how many animals they kill. I love cats, have two great ones in the house, but recognize that they are savage little killers, at least from a vole's perspective.

How would the Nature Conservancy spend $10B of the Economic Stimulus package money going toward green restoration projects?

Check out this craaaazy dust storm in Australia. Via Gristmill

I love David Roberts at Grist. George Will is an idiot.

Oceans are the new Atmosphere.

The National Parks Conservation Association is psyched about the $900 million included in the Economic Stimulus plan that will go towards fixing our nations national park infrastructure. I am too, our national parks were, more or less, crapped on for eight years by the Bush administration.

Doc Brown would be proud: a garbage truck that runs on garbage.

Drought is thought to have brought down Cambodia's great ancient city of Angkor Wat 600 years ago.

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