I think the biggest take away from No Impact Week is that little changes can have big impacts. If you cut out meat every Monday or ride your bike to work instead of driving just a few times a month, you'll see a healthy reduction in your environmental footprint.

GOOD put together a great video showing how a few small changes during the day can add up to a lot of saved water. We're all responsible for a lot more water than just the amount that goes down our drain. Nearly every product you can buy in a grocery store comes with a hidden cost in water, some more than others. It takes a lot more water to create a cup of coffee than tea, a hamburger will add a lot more water to your impact than a chicken sandwich. Check it out.

What are some things you can do today to cut down on your water footprint?

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Little changes can save a lot of water
Choose chicken over beef, install a low flow shower head, and skip the eggs for a bowl of cereal and save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water a year.