What's the view from your tent like?
What's the view from your tent like? (Photo: Jens Ottoson/Shutterstock)

After a long, arduous day of physical activity, there's nothing like kicking back in your tent and spending a few quiet moments breathing in the nature around you.

One community that knows this all too well is the multitude of outdoor enthusiasts who document their camping excursions through Instagram. One of the most common snaps you'll find under Instagram's popular #ourcamplife tag is the dreamy "view from my tent door" scene, which gives viewers a vicarious glimpse of their picturesque surroundings.

Of course, depending on where you're camping, you might not want to just leave your tent door wide open (unless for some reason you love mosquitoes and other pesky bugs). Thankfully, you can still get the same immersive experience by simply removing the rain fly:

The "view from your tent" images are also a remarkably personal statement. You're essentially being invited into the personal space of these photographers — to share their space, if only for a brief moment in time.

Continue below to take a journey around the world with these adventurous photographers, and maybe the next time you take a camping trip, you'll consider sharing your experience with others, too!


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