Glemie Dean Beasley is a blues playing urban hunter, a citizen of a crumbing Detroit neighborhood who supplements his diet and income by hunting raccoon, rabbits, and squirrel around the city. Detroit has lost more than half of its post WW2 population of two million and is well known among urban explorers for its crumbling and decaying infrastructure.

In a city slipping back into wilderness and where you can buy a house for $40, Mr. Beasley hunts with his dogs, dispatching his target critters with a .22 rifle.

The Detroit News sent a smarmyish reporter to get the story and to try BBQ coon with Mr. Beasley, click over to their site and watch it.

I'd eat raccoon. I bet that's good eatin' (with a near zero carbon footprint to boot!).


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Living off the land in Detroit
As the wilderness takes back Detroit, one retired truck driver is hunting the urban landscape for raccoon, rabbits, and squirrels.