Earlier this week, Maine State Police officers arrested 47-year-old Christopher Knight in the woods of central Maine after Knight had allegedly spent more than a quarter-century hiding out in the woods, surviving with gear and food stolen from nearby camps and cabins. All told, it's suspected that he's responsible for more than 1,000 break-ins in the area, potentially solving a years-long mystery.

This strange story gets more bizarre as each new detail emerges. Knight is thought to have taken to the woods around 1986 and has lived in a rough camp (seen in the photo above) ever since. He supposedly avoided making campfires to avoid detection and kept warm in the winter using a warm sleeping bag and a stolen propane heater.

The question of how someone was able to remain undetected in the woods for so long may lie with how Knight maintained his appearance. Rather than sport the stereotypical hermit look of a long shaggy beard and threadbare clothing, he kept his hair short and his face clean-shaven. By equipping himself with clothes stolen from nearby cabins and camps, he would have been able to pass himself off as just a regular guy out for a walk in the woods should he happen to stumble across someone from the "real world."

Knight was captured after state game warden Sgt. Terry Hughes set up sensors outside a camp that alerted him when it was being broken into. Knight is being held on a $5,000 cash bond and is awaiting the scheduling of his next court date.

Local writer/photographer/musician Troy R. Bennett penned this song immortalizing the North Pond Hermit and his plundering adventures in the woods. Give it a listen.


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Maine police capture 'North Pond Hermit' after 27 years hiding in the woods
Suspected of multiple break-ins in the forest, Christopher Knight was jailed this week.