Of all the things you can steal in life, big heavy rocks are probably one of the more difficult to get away with, at least when you're being chased down by Johnny Law.

Rangers at Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine are cracking down on people who steal rocks from the parks trails and beaches. The area is known for its beautiful views, gorgeous seascapes, and smooth, cobblestone-like rocks. Over the past few years there have been dozens of people caught trying to pilfer those rocks for souvenirs or to use in building projects. Others have gotten in trouble, usually receiving a good stern warning, for disturbing the rocks to build cairns.

The issue got so bad that a few years ago the airport serving the region had problems with carryon bags stuffed with heavy rocks.

So be warned, the rock cops are out there and they don't take lightly to outsiders coming in and mucking up their stones. When you hike in Acadia (heck, when you hike anywhere), don't leave anything but footprints and only take memories and photographs.

Leave the rocks alone.

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Maine rangers battle rock thieves
Park rangers in Acadia National Park are fighting against a scourge of rock bandit tourists.