Happy Wednesday!

Here are some great stories to take you through your midweek.

The oldest living things in the world

Fixing New York City with Lego bricks

Google is adding bike directions to Google Maps. Huzzah!

Bob Barker donates $2.5 million to build new PETA offices

Narrow Streets: Los Angeles is a very cool project that imagines what L.A.'s streets might look like if they were designed more for the human scale and less for the car.

• A zoo in the U.K. is looking to use poop to provide power.

• Environmental Graffiti has a great feature on Germany's incredible hanging railway

American Petroleum prefers a carbon fee because it's easier to demonize.

• A Korean research team has an interesting mashup of kite and tidal turbine power.

Asphalt becomes a developer's best friend

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Midweek links: Narrow streets, Lego fixes and poop power
Can New York City be fixed with Lego bricks? What would LA look like with narrow streets? And why is everyone getting excited about parking lots?