It's happened again. I have a big pile of tabs open in my browser filled with good stories I want to write about. Instead of picking one, I'm going to roll 'em up in one post here. Here's some stuff you should know about.

12 Reasons to Use a Bicycle for Transportation

Chris Baskind at Moreminimal writes a great post about some of the more compelling reasons to jump on two wheels.

Stop Feeding Chicken Feces to Cows!

If you think cows shouldn't be fed all the crap (literally) that's swept up from commercial chicken factory farm floors, you should sign this petition to tell the FDA to stop it. Cows are routinely fed all the poop, feathers, straw, dirt, and spilled chicken feed from the floor under the chicken cages.

EPA Hits Pay Dirt with Meth-Lab Cleanup Guidelines

You know, if we legalized and regulated now-illegal drugs, we wouldn't have problems with toxic meth labs sprouting up in neighborhoods, nature, and other places they shouldn't be. Just saying.

Amazing Race: E-Waste Violators' Best Friend

Someone behind the scenes of the TV show Amazing Race made a big ol' eco-blunder when one of the challenges was to process toxic electronic waste imported into Vietnam. The regular workers toiled away in the background without any protection. Green fail.

Aluminum bottle manufacturer admits bottles leach BPA

First Sigg, now Gaiam, who quietly admitted that their aluminum bottles leach BPA at nearly 20 times SIGG's levels. What's wrong with the picture when we can't even trust the greener companies to shoot straight with us? Gaiam responds.

The Step-Climbing Garden

Just beautiful.

House retrofit test seeks super-efficiency

Local (to me here in Portland, Maine) green company Energy Circle is turning an old country house into an energy efficiency laboratory and is performing a deep energy retrofit for this winter.

How to make a Pretzel

Just because I love big chewy pretzels. 

Have a good night, see you back here manana.

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Midweek linkstravaganza
Chicken poop eating cows, more bad BPA news, more reasons to jump on a bike, a deep energy retrofit, and pretzels. Yum.