File this one under "Not-surprising". A new series of studies released last month found that at least 21 species of weeds have evolved a resistance to Monsanto's popular pesticide Roundup. More than 11 million acres of American farmland have been infested with these super-weeds, some which are strong enough to actually damage farm equipment as they grow.

For years Monsanto claimed that weeds wouldn't become resistant to Roundup. Last year they at least acknowledged the problem while mocking the concerns as overhyped in a post on their corporate blog.

It's stupid to get in a war with Mother Nature. She will win every time, in the long run. We are losing this battle and will only see an increasing spread of weeds that we will not be able to effectively control. This will not end well.

Via Fast Company

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Monsanto's dirty secret: Roundup creating super weeds, more expensive food
A study has found that Monsanto's top pesticide is creating Roundup-resistant super-weeds and making our food more expensive.