Here's another device that can be chalked up under "Stupidly unnecessary greener design"- the White Goat paper recycler turns office paper into toilet paper.

The White Goat will turn 40 sheets of office paper into one roll of toilet paper in about a half hour. The machine first shreds the office paper before dissolving it, thinning it out, and then drying it and rolling it up into a proper roll.

It doesn't sound like a totally bad idea until you get to the price tag; the White Goat costs $100,000 per machine.

I also have to believe that the amount of energy and water that goes into creating one roll is an order of magnitude higher than for a roll made in a traditional toilet paper factory. This is just too dumb.

Fail. Fail fail fail fail fail fail fail.

Here's a video of the machine in action:

Via Ecofriend via DVICE via Ubergizmo

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