Here's some good stories to start your week off.

• It will take a lot of land to build enough solar farms to power America, but Iit takes WAY more than that to feed all our pets.

Where hotdogs come from. (by Jim Benton)

America needs more kinds of bikes, I want to see more pickup bikes and school bus bikes.

• Should we pay Ecuador to not destroy its rain forests drilling for oil? Yes. We should.

• Lake Chad is at risk as Cameroon and Chad meet to discuss efforts to save it. Lake Chad covered 25,000 square km in 1964, now it barely covers 3,000 square km.

• ASR builds artificial reefs to save shorelines and boost surf.

Earth Aid pays you to cut your home energy usage.

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News to start the week with
Where do hotdogs come from, can Lake Chad be saved, should we pay countries not to drill for oil, and how much land does it take to feed America's pets?