Olivia Newton-John is at the forefront of a new major international tree planting campaign; a project she believes will unite environmental organizations and schools all around the world.  

Called "One Tree Per Child," the effort is officially launching later this year in the U.K. city of Bristol. The initiative will involve more than 36,000 children under the age of 10 from 130 schools, giving each an opportunity to plant a tree in the city. 

“I believe that society benefits when young children get out, get their hands in the earth, and plant trees," Newton-John told the Guardian. "It’s so exciting for us that Bristol will be the first city in the world to roll out the One Tree Per Child project. In years to come, the children who plant a tree will be able to look back and say: ‘That was my tree - I really made a difference!’”

Bristol, which prides itself on its commitment to sustainability (and was recently named the 2015 "European Green Capital), will cover the cost of both the trees and tools necessary to plant them. When completed, the plantings will effectively double the number of trees currently in the city. 

Together with Jon Dee, a close friend and founder of the organization Do Something!, Newton-John is seeking to add tree planting to the primary school curriculum in countries all around the world.

"We're hoping millions of children will have the wonderful experience of planting a tree at a young age," she told Green Lifestyle magazine. "As their trees grow, we're hoping that the children's love and respect for the environment will grow." 

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Olivia Newton-John launches 'One Tree Per Child' campaign
Global effort will start in the U.K. city of Bristol — with over 36,000 children from 130 schools planting saplings.