It's business as usual in the Gulf of Mexico. In the year after the two and a half long Deepwater Horizon oil spill stopped, there were over 5,000 new oil and hazardous materials spills in the Gulf region. This is a map of the 3,000 reports that can be charted.

This only shows 3,000 of the 5,100 new oil and hazardous materials spills reported to the National Response Center since July 15, 2010. I'm sure there are plenty more that went unreported or undiscovered. The map was put together by SkyTruth, an organization dedicated to using remote sensing and digital mapping to help protect our environment with maps and other graphics. You can learn more about their mission and their work over at their website. They also have a good blog that's worthy of a subscribe.

This map should be subtitled "This is how very, very stupid we are."

This kind of behavior is not sustainable in the long term.

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One year later: More than 5,000 spills in the Gulf of Mexico
There have been thousands of oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico in the year since BP's massive oil spill. We shouldn't be surprised.