From lush forests in Portugal to massive expanses of ice and snow in West Mongolia, there are breathtaking landscapes to be found no matter where you are. For the sixth International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, professional and amateur photographers proved there are panoramic images to be taken in every nook and cranny of the globe.

The winners were chosen from more than 3,400 entries and nearly 1,000 photographers from around the world. The top 101 photographs are featured in an e-book on the awards website.

They include overall third place winner above by Blake Randall of Canada. The photo was shot in Bella Coola, British Columbia, in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.

International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2019: Oleg Ershov, Russia

Fleswick Bay, England International Landscape Photographer winner Oleg Ershov
Fleswick Bay, England (Photo: Oleg Ershov/The International Landscape Photographer of the Year)

Oleg Ershov of Russia was the overall winner of the competition. The winner had to submit at least four stellar images and Ershov's winning portfolio included the photo above of a stone in the sand in Fleswick Bay, England.

"My passion for landscape photography is based on a love of nature, especially in places where human intervention is not yet visible," Ershov says in his statement. "Just being in location at dawn and watching the start of a new day gives me tremendous vitality."

Ershov is an amateur photographer whose favorite destinations for landscape photography include Iceland, Scotland and the U.S. Southwest.

"I always return to my favorite places because this allows me to get to know the country better and to find new scenes and places to shoot," he says. When I immerse myself in a familiar environment and slow down the pace, my productivity increases many times over."

Here's a look at some of the other top photos.

International Landscape Photograph of the Year (single image): Magali Chesnel, France

Gruissan, France International Landscape Photograph winner by Magali Chesnel
Gruissan, France (Photo: Magali Chesnel/The International Landscape Photographer of the Year)

Magali Chesnel of France earned the International Landscape Photograph of the Year award, which was given based on a single image. A self-taught photographer and painter who works as an executive assistant, Chesnel says she loves to photograph salt marshes, which are the subject of her winning image.

Her photo shows a salt marsh in Gruissan, France, with vehicles harvesting road salt.

"I thought it would create an amazing abstract aerial photo, with the white of the salt contrasting against the bright pink colors, thanks to the proliferation of a red alga, the Dunaliella salina," she says. "From the ground, this scene doesn’t look glamorous at all, but from a bird’s eye view, it becomes unexpected, beautiful and like a painting."

Second Place: Yang Guang, China

Badain Jaran Desert, China International Landscape Photographer second place winner Yang Guang
Badain Jaran Desert, China (Photo: Yang Guang/The International Landscape Photographer of the Year)

This is just part of the portfolio submitted by Yang Guang of China. It was shot in the Badain Jaran Desert in China and earned Guang second place in the overall competition.

Wildlife in Landscape Award: Ricardo Da Cunha, Australia

West Mongolia Wildlife Landscape Award by RIcardo DaCunha
West Mongolia (Photo: Ricardo Da Cunha/The International Landscape Photographer of the Year)

Ricardo Da Cunha of Australia won in the special Wildlife in Landscape category for capturing signs of life in the frozen landscape of West Mongolia.

Abstract Aerial Award: Ignacio Palacios, Australia

Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil Abstract Aerial Award by Ignacio Palacios
Lencois Maranhenses, Brazil (Photo: Ignacio Palacios/The International Landscape Photographer of the Year)

Ignacio Palacios of Australia earned top honors in the Abstract Aerial category for his mesmerizing images, including this one taken in Lencois Maranhenses National Park in Brazil. The park's diverse ecosystem includes mangrove swamps, rainwater lagoons and sand dunes.

Snow and Ice Award: Veselin Atanasov, Bulgaria

Central Balkan, Bulgaria Snow and Ice Award by Veselin Atanasov
Central Balkan, Bulgaria (Photo: Veselin Atanasov/The International Landscape Photographer of the Year)

Veselin Atanasov of Bulgaria received the Snow and Ice award for this haunting image of a frozen forest in Central Balkan, Bulgaria.

Lone Tree Award: Anke Butawitsch, Germany

Madeira, Portugal lone tree award by Anke Butawitsch
Madeira, Portugal (Photo: Anke Butawitsch/The International Landscape Photographer of the Year)

The Lone Tree award went to Anke Butawitsch of Germany for a portfolio that includes this image taken in Madeira, Portugal.

Heavenly Cloud Award: Brandon Yoshizawa, U.S.

SpaceX rocket exhaust plume, Sierra Nevada, California
SpaceX rocket exhaust plume, Sierra Nevada, California (Photo: Brandon Yoshizawa/The International Landscape Photographer of the Year)

Brandon Yoshizawa of the U.S. took this image of a SpaceX rocket exhaust plume over Sierra Nevada, California. It earned him the Heavenly Cloud award.

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