There are few things more romantic than the notion of waiting out a snowfall inside a rustic cabin. Ensconced a warm wooden home, enjoying the fun of being indoors while showing Old Man Winter who's the boss — a cozy, warm cabin is simply the best place to be.

But if a cabin isn't in the cards for you, or you're just nostalgic for winters gone by, take a peek at these cabins that blend so perfectly into the winter landscape.

A cabin sits atop Ulriken, the tallest of seven mountains that surround Bergen, Norway.
(Photo: Sveter/Wikimedia Commons)

A cabin near Ulriken, the tallest of seven mountains that surround Bergen, Norway.

A log cabin in Anchorage, Alaska, surrounded by snow
(Photo: Wonderlane/Wikimedia Commons)

Nothing says winter in Alaska like a heavy snowfall on Christmas.

A lake Tahoe cabin buried in snow.
(Photo: Rick Cooper/Wikimedia Commons)

Good luck getting to this Lake Tahoe cabin.

Two cabins Norwegian cabins buried in snow
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Or to these cabins in Mjølfjell, Norway.

A log cabin in the snow-covered landscape of a forest near the southern German town of Wildbad Kreuth
(Photo: Joerg Koch/AFP/Getty Images)

Just a nice snowy forest scene near the German town of Wildbad Kreuth.

Cabin on a snow slope in Arosa, Switzerland
(Photo: Markus Aeschimann/flickr)

Sledding down this slope in Arosa, Switzerland, is probably a real thrill.

A U.S. Forest Service cabin in
(Photo: Joseph/flickr)

Even the U.S. Forest Service can't escape the snow, but these cabins in Juneau, Alaska, make it look so ... hygge.

A Lapland cabin with a snowman in front of it
(Photo: Chris/flickr)

Given it's the northernmost region of Finland, Lapland cabins are well-acquainted with snow.

A cabin covered by snow in Selkie, Finland
(Photo: Dave_S./flickr)

It turns out the cabins in southern areas of Finland, like this one in Selkie, are used to snow, too.

A red Swedish cabin perched near the Baltic Sea
(Photo: Sky Cinema/Shutterstock)

Snow and sea are sights to behold at this Swedish cabin perched near the Baltic Sea.

A rustic cabin during a snow storm in West Virginia
(Photo: ForestWander/Wikimedia Commons)

This rustic cabin is a sanctuary during a storm in West Virginia.

A lodge-like cabin covered in snow in Sortavala, Russia
(Photo: Grigvovan/Shutterstock)

A lodge-like cabin seemed like a good place to beat the winter in Sortavala, Russia.

A black-and-red cabin in Trysil, Norway, during a snow storm
(Photo: Marie Linner/Shutterstock)

It's hard to miss this black cabin in Trysil, Norway, even during a snowstorm.